Tino Quaradeghini of Regent Antiques.

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Quaradeghini is multilingual and is a member of LAPADA. He travels Europe in search of items of stock.

What other premises have you owned or worked?

I opened my first shop in 1975 and founded Regent Antqiques in 1980. I’ve also worked at Craven Gallery on Craven Terrace, TVM  Dawes Road Fulham and Kings Cross Freight Depot (a warehouse). It has been a long and exciting journey over the past 40 years.

How did you choose your current location?

It has good access with loading bays and parking and is conveniently placed next to an Underground station (Manor House).

Do you own or rent your premises? And how many staff do you have?

I own it and we have a team of 12 people.

What is the hardest part of running a shop?

The long hours can be exhausting, yet still satisfying.

How has the passing trade changed since you’ve been open?

Most of our business is online now. The world is clearly moving in the direction.

I never thought that people from all over the world would make high-value purchases online, but now they do just that every day.

My business has completely transformed in the past 10 years.

How do you encourage customers to visit?

Through digital marketing, regular newsletter updates and by building long-term relationships with customers. Also, we are open alternate Saturdays to attract a weekend crowd.

What is one other antiques shop, centre or space that you love and why?

Grays Antique Centre [in Marylebone, north London]– so many dealers, such a breadth of specialisms and an iconic location.

What is one key feature needed for a great shop?

An unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Given an unlimited budget, what is one change you would make to the shop?

I would relocate to Mayfair to capture higher footfall in the heart of the city.

Regent Antiques, Manor Warehouse, 318 Green Lanes, London N4 1BX