Musical box by Lecoultre and Falconnet which sold for £31,500 at Locke & England on March 30.

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The highlight, I predict, will be the musical box by Lecoultre and Falconnet (lot 355), estimated at £5000-7000. This box will sell in excess of £10,000 and could make £30,000 with commission and so on.

The reasons this non-working musical box will sell for such a high price are simple.

It is by the best maker, has the best type of musical programme, is in untouched condition and has no apparent damage to the vital parts of the mechanism, which are the comb and cylinder.

I expect to see it in the ‘Highest price over estimate’ section of your Bid Barometer column.

Brian Chesters

Mechanical music instrument valuations

Editor notes: Brian Chesters was spot-on about the music box (lot 355). After a battle between a room bidder and the internet it sold to the former for a hammer price of £31,500 (plus a buyer’s premium of 17.5%).

The rare early 19th century Black Forest automata clock (lot 100) sold for £4800 hammer, after room and internet bidding, despite the auctioneer’s report of considerable condition issues.