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We asked some experts what they thought of this page - usually known as an Error 404 Page - and here is what they said:


I could refresh it for you - make it look as good as new - but it's a big job.

Excitable auctioneer
It's got an element of romance about it. If this error page could talk, imagine the stories it would tell.

Nostalgic dealer
There used to be lots of Americans interested in our error pages...but that time has gone.

Art historian
This page first appeared at auction in 1821 when it was catalogued as an error 504 page.

Art fair organiser
The visitor numbers to this error page were truly remarkable.

Week two Tefaf visitor
Oh, I'm just browsing.

404? I think the excess on this would be much higher.

What server are you storing this on? I've got a container going over to New York this week, do you want to store your error 404 page on that?

Art financier
This could be bundled into a pool of error pages and used as collateral.

Picture framer
I recommend displaying this page behind UV glass.

Museum curator
I like the browser history behind this page but I'll need to refer it to my investment committee.

Antiques Roadshow expert
I've never come across one of these error pages on the Roadshow before and it's been a real privilege to see it. Thank you so much for bringing it along.

Bargain Hunt expert
Look, we need to make a decision. We've got one error page in the bag but we've got less than a minute left to find two more.

Bargain Hunt contestant
I'm not sure. What do you think?

Fake or Fortune presenter
What lies in the developer code underneath? Science can help us uncover the secrets beyond front end rendering.

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    I think I am correct in stating that the Wedgwood Arts & Crafts charger featured on the front page of last week’s issue (ATG No 2559) was painted by Alfred, not Louise, Powell. /print-edition/2022/september/2560/letters-opinion/atg-letter-signed-by-alfred-not-louise/
  3. Article Page pledges to open fourth Antiques on High centre

    Another centre will be added to the Antiques on High brand currently in Oxford, Sidmouth and Bowness-on-Windermere when owner Vincent Page opens a fourth shop “north of Birmingham but south of Bowness,” he says. /print-edition/2022/august/2553/fairs-markets-shops-centres/page-pledges-to-open-fourth-antiques-on-high-centre/
  4. Article Reginald was not bewitched by magic claims

    Sold at Bonhams Skinner (27.5/26/20/14.5% buyer’s premium) was a 1584 first edition of Reginald Scot’s 'The Discoverie of Witchcraft….' /print-edition/2022/september/2559/auction-reports/reginald-was-not-bewitched-by-magic-claims/
  5. Article Clock pictured on ATG front page catches a buyer’s eye

    Clock dealer Ben Wright has sold an important English golden age clock following its appearance in the pages and front cover of the Antiques Trade Gazette. /print-edition/2022/august/2555/news/clock-pictured-on-atg-front-page-catches-a-buyer-s-eye/

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