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1) Vendor left ‘speechless’ after ‘Ben Nicholson’ mural withdrawn from Lay’s auction

A row over the attribution of a ‘Ben Nicholson’ mural painting that appeared on the BBC’s 'Fake or Fortune?' led to the work being withdrawn at the last minute from an auction in Penzance.


The mural was fully attributed to Ben Nicholson by Lay’s but was withdrawn from the auction at the last minute.

2) Prime minister’s gold ring discovered by metal detectorist to be auctioned

Identified as belonging to George Grenville, prime minister between 1763-65, an intriguing gold seal ring was one of three items found in a Buckinghamshire field.

2646 NEDI IN Gold Ring

Gold seal ring belonging to George Grenville, sold for £9500 at Noonans.

3) Striking Victorian seascape fetches over 20 times estimate

When the industrialist Fred Cooper and his family moved into The Grange in Perton in 1969, the South Staffordshire country house came already furnished with a notable collection.

MacLeod’s Maidens, Skye

MacLeod’s Maidens, Skye by John Brett, £35,000 at Richard Winterton.

4) Dealer loses entire fair stock in van theft

A Colchester dealer has warned the trade of the risk of van thefts after his own vehicle, containing his entire stock for a fair, was taken from his driveway.


Vintage at Heart at a recent fair, including some of the stolen stock.

5) Pocket watch linking two prime ministers more than doubles estimate at Berkshire auction

A pocket watch given to Sir Winston Churchill by Henry Herbert Asquith for Christmas in 1905 sold for £76,000 at Berkshire auction house Dawsons.

Churchill's pocket watch

Churchill's pocket watch with the message To Winston with gratitude H.H. Asquith Xmas 1905. It sold for £76,000 at Dawsons. 

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