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1. Hanover Tompion sells for £3.5m at The Treasure House Fair

A Thomas Tompion masterpiece was the star turn at The Treasure House Fair. Carter Marsh & Co. sold it in the same city where it was created 300 years ago.

Hanover Tompion

Hanover Tompion 

© Carter Marsh & Co

2. The Treasure House Fair returns with a lively opening

Key event in the summer calendar opened its doors once again at the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

Curious visitors enjoying their time at Carter Marsh and Co. 

Curious visitors enjoying their time at Carter Marsh and Co. 

3. Daoguang bowls left in attic fetch £162,000 at auction

A box of Chinese porcelain left in an attic in the Lincolnshire Wolds for more than two decades sold for £162,000 at auction.

2650 NE Louth 2A

A lot that included four wucai ‘month cups’ - two with Kangxi and two with Qianlong marks - sold for £59,000 as part of a cache of Chinese porcelain offered by John Taylors in Louth on June 25.

4. Harry Potter original artwork sells for $1.6m

Thomas Taylor created the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone artwork in 1997 aged 23 years old and fresh out of art school. It sold in New York for $1.6m. 

Thomas Taylor HP Illustration Webpv 27 06 24

Thomas Taylor Harry Potter illustration, $1.6m at Sotheby's, New York. 


5. Largest collection of Louis Vuitton trunks come to auction

Christie's is offering the largest and most extensive private collection of Louis Vuitton trunks ever to come to auction.

LV Croquet

Special-order Louis Vuitton croquet trunk in monogram canvas and brass hardware, 2008. Estimate: €40,000-80,000 at Christie’s Online.

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