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1) Hu knew? Chinese vase takes over 700-times estimate in Irish auction

After bidders deemed this Yongzheng Guan ware to be of the period as estimate is demolished in Dublin sale.


Guan ware gu vase with a Yongzheng seal mark – €365,000 (£331,800) at Adam’s.

2) British antiques restorer arrested and investigated in US court case

The Manhattan district attorney’s office is investigating a multi-million-pound Asian antiquities ‘trafficking ring’ and has arrested a British antiques restorer as part of the case.

new york crime.JPG

Pictured (from left to right): Uma Parvati, Naga Buddha, and Shiva Nataraja that were among the stolen items allegedly possessed and restored by Neil Perry Smith.

3) David Bowie painting bought for £3 at rubbish tip makes major artist's record

A picture spotted at a local rubbish tip in Canada set a record for a painting by the music legend David Bowie.


Rob Cowley, owner and president of Cowley Abbott, with the Bowie picture that had been acquired by the vendor for £3 from a local tip.

4) A dozen ‘national treasures’ saved for the nation after export licence blocks

A dozen items deemed national treasures were bought by institutions between May 2018 and April 2020 with a value of £7.6m, according to the latest report.


The Martin Brothers crab now acquired by a new museum and gallery in Plymouth.

5) Poynter panels reunited after selling at Christie's and through dealer Rupert Maas

Separated for over a century, a trio of small panels by Sir Edward John Poynter (1836-1919) have been reunited thanks to a dealer, an auction and two Australian Victorian art collectors.

Rupert Maas

Dealer Rupert Maas, left, with Hamish Dewar who is restoring ‘The Sandal’.


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