Fiona Bruce and Philip Mould
Broadcaster Fiona Bruce and art dealer Philip Mould return to present Fake or Fortune? for the ninth series. Image credit: BBC Pictures.

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The presenters, art dealer Philip Mould and broadcaster Fiona Bruce, continue the show, investigating whether artworks submitted by members of the public are actually genuine and important discoveries.

Mould said: “Despite big challenges we were able to film the series. We couldn’t get into every institution but when we did we had some great visits and better access due to the venues being closed to the public.

“We have been all over the British Isles and when we required to interview people in the US the BBC were able to have a film crew in California and a film crew here and we conducted the video interview via a large screen. The finished film looks great despite the distances between us.”

The first programme, to be broadcast on July 28, features a sculpture that is purported to be by Henry Moore (1898-1986).

Mould add: “We start with a sculpture from a couple who had found it in high grass in their garden. They had used it as door stop until someone mentioned that it looked like a Henry Moore.

“After 35 programmes it is only the second sculpture featured in the series. Analysing metal is very difficult. Looking at colour, tones and brushstrokes is one thing but metal is a wholly different. But this was refreshing challenge.”

Other artists to be featured in the series are Benjamin West (1738-1820), Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904) and Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (1802-73).