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A c.1928 HMV Model 1 automatic gramophone consigned to Mellors & Kirk with an estimate of £1000-£2000.

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The c.1928 HMV Model 1 automatic gramophone has been consigned for sale to Mellors & Kirk in Nottingham and will be offered with an estimate of £1000-£2000 on October 21.

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A c.1928 HMV Model 1 automatic gramophone estimated at £1000-£2000 at Mellors & Kirk in Nottingham on October 21.

The model was the largest to feature a re-entrant tone chamber and ran on mains electricity. Originally it was supplied with a lead to a turned walnut stand to allow the controls to be operated from the listener's armchair.

It would have cost around £125 to buy at the time and very few were sold before production was curtailed.

Gramophone top open.jpg

A detail of the rare c.1928 HMV Model 1 automatic gramophone.

The machine was purchased for Waddesdon Manor c.1928-29 but in later years it was stored in an outhouse at the manor. It was from this outside store that it was removed in March 2003 by Tring Market Auctions to be offered and was purchased later that year by a Mr J Dolling.

The gramophone is offered with accompanying letters and documents from 2003 confirming its previous location at Waddesdon Manor.

Following Dolling's ownership, it was sold again to a dealer who sold it on to its current owner.

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