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Peter Last, who previously ran the frame department at Bonhams in the late 1990s and is now a picture frame dealer in Bristol, and Daniel Hadden, an art dealer in East Sussex, have been recreating well-known pictures by dressing up at home every Friday.

They met at Kempton antiques fair and began their posts in September 2017 when they chatted about getting home after a busy fair and having a beer. Hadden posted a picture of a Peroni beer with a frame and #alcoholandframes was born.

The posts were a weekly Friday affair and a loyal, small group of followers joined in each week.

But since the lockdown Hadden and Last have taken things up a notch.

Their posts have extended to full recreations of well-known pictures plus the obligatory alcohol and a frame.

A number of high-profile museums have run similar projects during the lockdown asking the public to pose as famous artworks including The Getty Center, in Los Angeles, and its GettyMuseumChallenge.

But Hadden and Last believe they started the trend. Their loyal followers are sure to agree.

The #alcoholandframes hashtag got the pair recognised at fairs. They said: “We have had people stop us at fairs and we have had business on the back of it. We have made some good contacts.”

One fan, Patrick Devlin, wrote in to ATG: “I know a lot of people who look forward to each week’s offering including myself. During lockdown they have taken things to the next level recreating classic artworks with beautiful and hilarious results.”

Without wanting to disappoint fans, they may end the dressing up when the lockdown eases.

But ATG is sure they will continue to amuse with the return to the regular #alcoholandframes posts.

Follow the hashtag here #alcoholandframes and Daniel Hadden and Peter Last on Instagram.

Among the loyal followers who post their own photos of #alcoholandframes are:

@ladynorfolkandlordrust_ @regency_cheltenham @HillandHome @roypreciousfineart @mr.foxdenton @cfwbost @belvoirfineart