‘Only a Shower’ by Charles Burton Barber
‘Only a Shower’ by Charles Burton Barber (1845-1894) which is estimated at £120,000-180,000 at Bonhams’ sale of 19th Century and British Impressionist art on June 3.

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Previously the firm announced the temporary closure of all its offices and salerooms on March 20, with all its auctions postponed until April 21.

But the new calendar comprises sales that will all be held either as live sales behind-closed-doors or online-only auctions.

For the ‘behind-closed-doors’ sales, an auctioneer will be present on the rostrum but all bidding will be done remotely in accordance with government guidelines.

Among the London art and antiques sales run from Bonhams’ New Bond Street premises are auctions of Modern and Contemporary African Art (May 13), Greek art (May 28), 19th Century and British Impressionist (June 3), Islamic Art (June 11) and the Modern and Contemporary Art (June 24). All these sales will be behind closed doors.

The sales being run from the firm’s Knightsbridge rooms, although again behind closed doors, include Modern British and Irish Art (May 12), British and European Art (May 19), The Marine sale (May 26), Jewels (June 10), Decorative arts and Design (June 10) and Prints and Multiples (June 18).

A full list of sales appears below.


1 May: Traditional/Individual: Modern Native American Art, Los Angeles. BCD [Behind-Closed-Doors]

1 May - 12 May: Made in California: Contemporary Art. Los Angeles. OO

2 May - 8 May: Luxury Online Pt 2. Hong Kong. OO         

6 May - 21 May: Meteorites. Los Angeles. OO   

8 May - 18 May: Luxury Online Pt 3. Hong Kong. OO                       

12 May - Modern British and Irish Art. Knightsbridge. BCD                            

13 May - Modern and Contemporary African Art. New Bond Street. BCD

13 May - 27 May:  Modern & Contemporary Art Online. New York. OO

13 May - Asian Art featuring Grice Collection. Sydney. BCD.

14 May - Prints & Multiples. Los Angeles. BCD   

16 May - Fine and Rare Wine and Whisky. Hong Kong. BCD          

18 May - 25 May: Luxury Online Pt 4. Hong Kong.  OO  

19 May - British and European Art. Knightsbridge. BCD                   

25 May-1 Jun - Luxury Online Pt5. Hong Kong. OO        

26 May - The Marine sale. Knightsbridge. BCD    

26 May-5 Jun: Native American Art. Los Angeles OO     

27 May - 10 Jun: The Mitzi Gaynor Collection, Part II. Los Angeles. OO

28 May - Modern Design | Art - Part 1. Los Angeles. BCD

28 May - Greek Sale. New Bond Street. BCD.

30 May - Bonhams May Auction. BCD     


2 June: Modern & Contemporary Prints & Multiples. New York  BCD

4 June: Modern Design | Art - Part 2. Los Angeles. BCD

3 June: 19th Century and British Impressionist. New Bond Street BCD

5 June: Modern Decorative Art & Design, postponed to August

10 June: The Whisky sale. Edinburgh BCD

10 June: 19th Century European Paintings. New York BCD

10 June: Knightsbridge Jewels. Knightsbridge BCD

10 June: Decorative arts and Design. Knightsbridge BCD

11 June: Islamic Art. New Bond Street BCD         

11 June: Modern and Contemporary Mid East Art. New Bond Street BCD                             

15 June - 29 June: TCM Presents... Los Angeles  OO

16 June - 30 June: Music Memorabilia    Los Angeles OO

16 June - 30 June: The W Corner Sale.   Hong Kong OO

18 June - 25 June: California Jewels. Los Angeles OO      

18 June: Prints and Multiples. Knightsbridge BCD

19 June: Wine. New Bond Street OO

22 June: African and Oceanic Art. New York BCD

22 Jun- 1 July: Asian Art Online Sale. Los Angeles OO

23 June: Impressionist & Modern Art. New York BCD

23 June: The Elegant Home. Los Angeles BCD

24 June: Post-War & Contemporary Art. New York BCD

24 June: Modern and Contemporary Art. New Bond Street BCD

25 Jun- 8 July: Books and Manuscripts Online. New York OO

26 June - 9 July: Books: Conflicts of the 21st Century Online. New York OO

30 June: Lapidary Arts, Gemstones and Minerals including Natural History. Los Angeles BCD