Brexit plate
The re-imagined Willow pattern plate. The plate is priced at £45 from The British Museum. Image copyright: The Trustees of the British Museum.

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While we wait, can you spot the 12 features in this re-imagined Willow pattern which pictures one Brexit scenario?

Motifs subtly adapted from the original late 18th century chinoiserie design include:

  • 1 The coasts of Britain and north-western Europe
  • 2 Storm clouds brewing over Britain
  • 3 Britons with wrecking bar and sledge hammer walking away from a wrecked bridge between the UK and Europe
  • 4 Refugee parent and child in an enclosure south of Calais
  • 5 Westminster shaken by the outcome of the referendum
  • 6 Politics in Brussels
  • 7 Positive EU legislation represented by better access for disabled around Europe
  • 8 Changing trade rules between the UK and other EU member states
  • 9 Angela Merkel watching over events as they unfold
  • 10 A boat full of EU nationals leaving the UK to return to continental Europe
  • 11 New trading alliances for the UK outside the EU
  • 12 The 12 stars of the EU flag reconfiguring
Brexit plate

A key of where the re-imagined Willow pattern images are.

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The British Museum is also selling a pair of blue and white transferware printed egg cups. Decorated with motifs from the Weeping Willow plate (see following image), Hard Brexit has an oak motif and a shooting star. They are priced at £35 from The British Museum.