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1) Shock £1.3m bid for Yongzheng mark vase at Hampshire auction

Estimated at £400-600, a Chinese porcelain vase was bid to £1.3m at an auction in Hampshire last week.


The Chinese porcelain vase that was bid to £1.3m at Andrew Smith & Son of Itchen Stoke.

2) ‘Stolen’ Joshua Reynolds portrait at centre of controversy between UK family and Japanese museum

A Japanese museum has claimed it bought a painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds “in good faith and without fault from a respectable art dealer” after it was identified as being stolen from a UK stately home.

Joshua Reynolds portrait

‘Portrait of Miss Mathew, later Lady Elizabeth Mathew, sitting with her dog before a landscape’ by Sir Joshua Reynolds. The painting is currently in the collection of Tokyo Fuji Art Museum but it is claimed by the family of Lady Price from whom it was stolen in 1984.

3) Two collections from celebrated interior designers to be offered at auctions at Bonhams this autumn

A collection from interior designer and socialite Nicky Haslam and another from decorator and dealer Christopher Hodsoll will be offered at auction at Bonhams London.

Hodsoll collection.jpg

Items from decorator and dealer Christopher Hodsoll will be offered at auction at Bonhams London on October 1.

4) Christie’s launches young collectors club to attract new buyers to the art world

Christie’s Education has launched The Young Collectors Club to help enthusiastic young art lovers to increase their knowledge and collections.

Christie's image.jpg

The first event of Christie's Education's The Young Collectors Club will take place on October 17 in London. Credit: Christie's Images 2019.

5) Fabergé sedan chair sets house record for Cirencester firm

A gold, jade and rock crystal model of a sedan chair by Fabergé was hammered down at £380,000 last week – a new house record for a Gloucestershire auctioneer.


The gold, jade and rock crystal Fabergé sedan chair by Michael Perchin comes in its original silk-lined holly box.

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