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1) EBay’s new tracking policy could lead to higher postage fees

EBay has announced a change to its postal tracking policy as a caution against buyers who fraudulently claim they never received items that were sent.

EBay office

EBay has announced changes to its tracking and listings policies.

2) French trade bodies call on President Macron to stop UK art market gaining an advantage from Brexit

Members of the trade federation Conseil National du Marché de l’Art (CNMA) have published an open letter to President Emmanuel Macron and the French government calling for changes to stop France’s art market losing out to the UK after Brexit.

3) William Powell Frith’s painting of Oscar Wilde at the Royal Academy goes on offer for the first time in over a century at St James’s gallery

The Private View at the Royal Academy, 1881, a scene of influential Victorians at an exhibition painted by William Powell Frith (1819-1909), is on offer from St James’s dealer Martin Beisly for a price in the region of £10m.       

4) Prof David Starkey: ‘Flair more important than great art scholarship to be a highly successful art dealer’

Prof David Starkey has said the most successful art dealers, such as his friend Philip Mould, do not necessarily have the greatest knowledge of art history but rather possess 'a flair for discoveries'.

Professor David Starkey at Hever Castle unveiling a portrait of Mary Queen of Scots discovered by dealer Philip Mould

Professor David Starkey at Hever Castle last week unveiling a portrait of Mary Queen of Scots discovered by dealer Philip Mould

(courtesy: Hever Castle)

5) New recruits at Hansons and Fieldings – the latest Movers and Shakers across UK auction houses

The latest new joiners at UK auction houses including two recent hires at Fieldings Auctioneers and James Harris joining Hansons as a general valuer.

James Harris

James Harris has joined Hansons as a general valuer.

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