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“The chances are good we will prevail, but that will only happen if interested dealers and collectors take the time to comment".

Peter Tompa, a US lawyer representing the Global Heritage Alliance, as he again prepared to fight tariffs on Chinese art and antiques proposed by the Trump administration for the second time in two years.

“Historically, spirits were integrated into our wine auctions and constituted a small part of our business. Over recent years, we have seen increasing sales of both Scotch and Japanese whiskies, as well as Moutai [a Chinese spirit], which now represents about 5% of our business."

Jamie Ritchie, worldwide head of Sotheby’s wine following the hire of Jonny Fowle as the firm’s first-ever spirits specialist.

“It’s just a printed piece of paper and seen on screen for just a few moments. But this very prop was the culmination of the entire 15 years of the series. It’s a key prop and an iconic item in the annals of British Comedy history.”

Andrew Stowe of East Bristol Auctions on the famous Only Fools and Horses cheque which is offered with an estimate of £2000-3000 on June 7.

“From the moment the sale was announced, we were inundated with enquiries from around the world... Bidding rose rapidly, slowing as it reached £18,000 and progressed more slowly from this point as two determined bidders competed to secure the lot.”

A statement from Lawrences about the auction of a Suffragette hunger strike medal at its recent auction in Somerset.

“There was a post-war art movement in Britain – and one in Ireland too.”

Ian Whyte of Whyte’s auction house in Dublin on the offerings at its post war Irish art sale on May 27.