A previous Masterpiece London. Photo by Andy Barnham Photography.

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In a reciprocal arrangement – dubbed “a long-term partnership” - up to 25 stands of Fine Art Asia 2019 (October 4-7) will occupy The Masterpiece Pavilion. In turn Fine Art Asia will also have a smaller presence at this year’s Masterpiece London from June 27-July 3, with a group exhibition on a shared stand.

The ‘fair within a fair’ concept allows Masterpiece to introduce its brand to the Far East without committing to the costs of a new event. The pavilion will showcase exhibitors from Masterpiece’s existing roster of art and design specialists, as well as a select number of new additions.

New audiences

Lucie Kitchener, managing director of Masterpiece said: “With Fine Art Asia’s support, we believe Masterpiece will be a great success in Hong Kong and are delighted about this opportunity to bring our exhibitors to new audiences.”
Masterpiece, held in London since 2010, is now majority-owned by MCH Group, the Swiss owner of Art Basel, which promised to take the brand to new shores when it made its investment in December 2017.

The arrangement builds on a similar deal made in 2013 when the fourth Masterpiece fair hosted the Hong Kong Pavilion followed by the ‘European Treasures’ stand at Fine Art Asia in October.

Andy Hei, founder and director of Fine Art Asia, said: “The art market in Hong Kong continues to develop apace. A collaboration between two leading international fine art fairs is entirely appropriate for Hong Kong now and we are confident it will be mutually beneficial.”