Spinello Aretino.jpg
The Adoration of the Magi by Spinello Aretino, 1391/1395, on show at Galerie G Sarti’s exhibition The Madonna, Eternal Woman

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It features 31 works depicting the Madonna or Virgin and Child that chart the evolution of her image in Italian paintings over two centuries from 1330-1530, with the paintings portraying her in different roles.

Pictured here are two of the works on show. Spinello Aretino’s Adoration of the Magi, is a gold ground work of c.1391-95 painted in tempera on a wood panel measuring 8.5 x 15in (22 x 38cm). This depicts the Madonna as wife and mother with her husband Joseph standing behind her while she presents the child to one of the three kings who kisses his foot.

Paolo di Giovanni Fei Tiff2.jpg
Paolo di Giovanni Fei’s tempera on wood, gold ground panel of the Madonna of Mercy c.1395-1400.

Paolo di Giovanni Fei’s similar-sized, 9.25 x 17in (23.5 x 43.5cm), tempera on wood, gold ground panel of c.1395-1400 shows the Madonna in a different role. As the Madonna of Mercy, set between two angels and Saints Peter and Francis, she is portrayed as the mother of all human beings protecting a group of penitents beneath her cloak.

The price range for the exhibition starts at €200,000 and goes up to €1.2m.