This Victorian double ballot box from 1890 is available from The Armoury of St James for £3200.

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The first is a remarkable Victorian double ballot box from 1890. These devices were often used by groups such as gentlemen’s clubs to vote or ‘ballot’ on proposed schemes using a small ball that members would insert into the top and drop down either the left (YES) or right (NO) of the funnel. Afterwards the drawer at the bottom would then be pulled out and the votes counted.

This example has twin projecting cylindrical aperture and the top is fitted with twin turned voting ball holders. It is offered for £3200.


This George IV mahogany ballot box from 1825 is offered by The Armoury of St James for £1950.

Also available from the dealership is a Georgian mahogany example from 1825. It has one voting aperture and is painted in gold. The drawers for the voting balls are behind the hinged square door below.