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The cover of Jonathan Gash's Lovejoy novel 'The Judas Pair'. Image credit: Jonathan Gash and CMM Literary Agency.

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The character Lovejoy was the star of 23 novels written by John Grant under the pen name Jonathan Gash. Lovejoy then became a hit TV series starring actor Ian McShane in the 1980s-90s.

Nick Witkowski, director of Blue Sky Pictures who worked on the original series, has acquired the rights for a new series from literary agent Lisa Moylett at CMM Literary Agency.

Moylett told ATG: “Jonathan loves antiques and became an expert. What we all love about the books is the level of knowledge of antiques. The character is rather immoral and he doesn’t have much time for humans but for him, antiques are god.

“I have worked with Jonathan for 27 years and he is 86 now. He has a real love and respect for antiques dealers and the trade. He is thrilled at the prospect of a new series.”

Blue Sky Pictures will begin the process of creating a series, including script writing, which will take more than two and half years.

McShane was recently quoted that he believes the new series should feature a female Lovejoy.

Moylett added: “I saw Ian last week and I know he thinks it should be a woman but I am not sure – the character doesn’t need to change gender to move into modern times.”

Witkowski told The Times that he is open to McShane having a cameo role in the new series and the location will be moved from the East Anglian countryside to London.


John Grant, under the pen name Jonathan Gash, wrote the Lovejoy novels. Grant is a doctor and was previously director of bacteriology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Image credit: Jonathan Gash and CMM Literary Agency.