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“Aside from potentially more intrusive border formalities, there is unlikely to be any change in substance on the import and export of art and antiques as a result of Brexit.”

John Cassels, head of the Brexit team and co-head of regulatory group at law Fieldfisher, speaking about changes to requirements for the movement of goods post-Brexit.

“The work is a pared-down depiction of a horse – at first glance without obvious historical references or context.  On closer inspection though, it can be interpreted as a camouflaged reference towards 18th and 19th century equestrian paintings – especially the works of George Stubbs.”

There is more to Pony, a painting by Patrick Caulfield, than meets the eye, according to Roseberys director Marcus Grey. It is estimated at £300,000-500,000 at the auction house’s sale on September 26, making it the firm’s highest estimated lot ever.

“We are delighted to have acquired one of the finest known portraits of Dylan Thomas, representing the Welsh poet at the peak of his literary career.”

Nicholas Cullinan, director of the National Portrait Gallery, which acquired the picture by Augustus John via a private treaty sale for £214,750.

“Imposing duties on art objects that have previously been exempt from such taxes will harm US interests and cause disproportionate harm to the small or medium-sized businesses of the art trade as well as museums and collectors…The cultural goods listed … are unlike most manufactured goods …art is not typically subject to customs duties because our government has generally sought to encourage cultural exchange.”

Lawyer Peter Tompa of Bailey & Ehrenberg addressed the US International Trade Representative this week to argue the art market’s case about the Trump administration’s Chinese tariff. He wrote the above as part of a pre-hearing submission.

“Criminals are home making ammunition for these antique weapons and then using them to kill.”

A statement from a BBC Panorama investigation that examined how legal antique guns can be put to illegal uses. It highlighted the case of a specific gun dealer who was sentenced in 2015.