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“Most art market businesses are SMEs with turnovers of well under €1m and this [legislation] would add a disproportionate burden to their time and expenses in administrative terms, while potentially losing them business.”

Erika Bochereau, secretary general of CINOA, responds to the EU's fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive. For the full story click here

“This painting reimagines the nude for the Modern era.”   

What was it about a Modigliani nude this week that helped it set the record for the highest pre-sale estimate ever? Simon Shaw of Sotheby’s speaks about the artist's innovations in our report

“Karl Marx would certainly have raised a thick black eyebrow at our price, although he understood perfectly that the capitalist system tended to produce high-priced luxury goods.”

Adam Douglas of Peter Harrington on the £100,000 first edition of Das Kapital currently on offer at the London gallery. For the full story click here.

“As we’re no longer responsible for the consigned goods, it is not appropriate to maintain insurance so we’ve strongly urged consignors to take out their own insurance.”

The story of the collapsed Australian auctioneer Mossgreen continues to unfold. Now the administrator BDO has lost a court case, which means that goods can be returned to their rightful owners without fees being due. The above is taken from a letter sent to the consignors. For the latest on the story click here.

“Within 30 minutes of sending out the alert I received a call from PNG dealer Dave Pepe, owner of Pilgrim Coin & Currency of Weymouth, Massachusetts, who advised he had the coins and knew the identity of the person who sold them.”

Doug Davis of the Numismatic Crime Information Center on the location of two Morgan dollars stolen from the home of American star Rob Gronkowski. For the full story click here.