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Designed in Denmark, 1931, it was manufactured between 1931-33. Henningsen (1894-1967), an author and architect, is best remembered in the design world for his work in lighting – particularly well-known is his PH-lamp, which was made to resemble an artichoke – as well as the PH Grand Piano, which features a transparent case.

His working relationship with Louis Poulsen, a lighting manufacturer, began in 1924 when he created the influential Paris lamp for the business. The company, which was founded in 1874, specialised in the sort of Scandinavian design that Modernity Stockholm trades in today.

At PAD London, which runs from October 1-7 in London’s Berkeley Square, the dealership joins 67 others from around the world. Between them, the exhibitors offer art, design, decorative and tribal art, antiquities and jewellery. This staging of the event features 10 new international galleries, including Achille Salvagni, an Italian designer; VST, an antiquities specialist; and Karen Swami, a Parisian ceramicist.

The complete exhibitor list is included under our list of five other highlights coming at this edition.


Joan Miró’s oil on burlap painting Femme et oiseau V/X from 1960, painted in oil on burlap.

Mathieu Mategot

A 1956 table featuring a foldable base in tubular black lacquered metal laqué noir. The surface is in enamelled iron with polychrome decoration.

Phoenix Ancient Art

A marble Roman head of Ariadne from the 2nd century AD.


Gio Ponti’s pair of armchairs designed for Hotel Parco dei Principe in Rome, made of moleskin, upholstery and wood and manufactured by Cassina c.1964.

Valery Demure

A pair of electrifying blue star in rose gold earrings with diamonds, rubies and light blue sapphires designed by Francesca Villa. 

Exhibitor list

20th Century design and decorative arts


Robert Zehil (Monaco) 20th Century Decorative Arts

18 Davies Street Gallery (UK) 20th Century Design


88-Gallery (UK) 20th Century Design

Alexandre Biaggi (France) 20th Century Design

Blairman (UK) 20th Century Design

J-D Botella (France) 20th Century Design

Antoine Broccardo (France) 20th Century Decorative Arts

Chahan Gallery (France) 20th Century Decorative Arts

Chastel-Maréchal (France) 20th Century Design

DIMOREGALLERY (Italy) 20th Century and Contemporary Design

Dutko (France) 20th Century & Contemporary Design

Guillemain (France) 20th Century Design

Jousse (France) 20th Century Design

Jacques Lacoste (France) 20th Century Design

Alain Marcelpoil (France) 20th Century Design

Marcilhac (France) 20th Century Design

Meubles et Lumières (France) 20th Century Design

Modernity (Sweden) 20th Century Design

Galerie Du Passage (France) 20th Century Design

Peter Petrou (UK) Decorative Arts and Antiquities

Portuondo (UK/Spain) 20th Century and Contemporary Art & Design

Maison Rapin (France/Hong-Kong) 20th Century Design

Matthieu Richard (France) 20th Century Design

Rose Uniacke (UK) 20th Century Design

Contemporary design


Achille Salvagni (UK/Italy) Contemporary Design

Veta Stefanidou Tsoukala (Greece) Contemporary Design


Ammann Gallery (Germany) Contemporary Design

Avant-Scène (France) Contemporary Design

Carpenters Workshop Gallery (UK/France/USA) Contemporary Design

FUMI (UK) Contemporary Design

Garrido (Spain) Contemporary Design

Gosserez (France) Contemporary Design

Kreo (UK/France) Contemporary Design

Mouvements Modernes (France) Contemporary Design

Sarah Myerscough (UK) Contemporary Design

Negropontes (France) Contemporary Design

Nilufar (Italy) 20th Century & Contemporary Design

Rossana Orlandi (Italy) Contemporary Design

Pinto (France) Contemporary Design

Priveekollektie (The Netherlands) Contemporary Design & Art

Hervé Van Der Straeten (France) Contemporary Design

Maria Wettergren (Paris) Contemporary Design

Modern Art


Hélène Bailly (France/Switzerland) Modern Art


Aktis Gallery (UK) Modern Art

De Jonckheere (Monaco/Switzerland) Modern Art

Vertes (Switzerland) Modern Art

Mayoral (Spain) Modern Art

Repetto (UK) Modern Art

Robin Katz (UK) Modern Art

Tribal art and antiquities


Mermoz (France) Pre-Columbian Art

Monbrison (France) Tribal Art

Phoenix Ancient Art (USA/Switzerland) Antiquities

Lucas Ratton (France) Tribal Art



Walid Akkad (France) Contemporary Jewellery

Lorenz Baumer (France) Contemporary Jewellery

G. (UK) Contemporary Jewellery

Objet D’émotion – Valéry Demure (UK) Contemporary Jewellery


Karry Berreby (France) 20th Century Jewellery

Ma Tei (France) Contemporary Jewellery

Hemmerle (Germany) Contemporary Jewellery

Siegelson (USA) Rare Jewellery

Suzanne Syz (Switzerland) Contemporary Jewellery

Glass and ceramics


Karen Swami (France) Ceramics


Didier Luttenbacher (France) Arts & Crafts

Adrian Sassoon (UK) Glass & Ceramics

Sèvres (France) Ceramics

Asian and Islamic Art


Michael Goedhuis (UK/USA) Asian Art



Dumonteil (France/USA/China) 20th Century Decorative Arts