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This week’s quotes of the week include contributions from suffrage historian Elizabeth Crawford and Cheffins’ picture specialist Sarah Flynn. Digital subscribers to ATG can read the full weekly print edition online when it goes live on Monday afternoon.

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“Anyone with suffrage memorabilia in their family, especially if it’s gathering dust in the attic, would do well to get it valued and consider putting it in front of serious collectors at auction or by getting in touch with a reputable dealer. If it’s in good condition, you really could be sitting on a small fortune.”

Elizabeth Crawford, suffrage historian and book and ephemera dealer, speaking after the 100th anniversary of women getting the vote

“We are finding here in Cambridge that works by women artists of the 20th century are an area people are really collecting.”

Sarah Flynn, picture specialist at Cheffins, speaking after a recent sale where they sold a Grace Henry landscape for £4400.

“More than £1m worth of property has been taken in total including irreplaceable heirlooms. However, this investigation is primarily driven with the aim of preventing any further harm coming to anybody else by identifying and bringing a violent and dangerous man to justice.”

Det Insp Dee Fielding from Surrey Police about the violent criminal dubbed the Night Watcher

“This album undoubtedly both heralds and commemorates the dawn of serious portraiture through the medium of the lens.”

Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works of Art and Objects of Cultural Interest (RCEWA) member Lowell Libson on a photo album by Julia Margaret Cameron that is the subject of temporary export bar

“Hermans possesses so many beautiful things, old pitchers and other antiques… just today Hermans told me that if I wanted to paint for myself a picture of things that were still too difficult for him, I could take them with me to the studio…I shall make one for you, and will pick out the best things.”

Vincent van Gogh writing to his brother during his time living in Nuenen in the Netherlands. A still life by van Gogh depicting these rustic objects found in the home of his pupil Charles Hermans will be offered for sale by dealer Connaught Brown at TEFAF Maastricht.