Antony Davies had originally been asked to pay more than Aus$27,000 (£15,255) for the return of his toy collection consigned to Mossgreen. Now the fees have been waived following a court case.

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Administrator BDO’s practice of charging fees to consignors of items that were either unsold or awaiting sale at the time Mossgreen went into administration in December was deemed unfair and it was accused of “intermeddling” at a court case in Sydney on April 9.

Consignors had been asked to pay a Aus$353.20 (£200) collection fee per item stored.

A statement issued by BDO Australia said the two locations where consigned goods have been stored are now in control of the respective landlords. It said: “The landlords will now be responsible for co-ordinating the return of all consigned goods.”

Insurance alert

The administrator has written to all consignors with details of where their items are stored.

BDO added: “We remain in discussions with the landlords regarding how we might be able to assist them with the goods collection process, and to make available the work we have done to date to bring order to that process. 

“As we’re no longer responsible for the consigned goods, it is not appropriate to maintain insurance so we’ve strongly urged consignors to take out their own insurance.”

Mossgreen had more than 10,000 items on consignment when it went into administration.

BDO had previously said the charges were “to meet the reasonable costs of identifying, preserving, maintaining and facilitating the return of the consigned goods”.

Those who did pay fees can claim a refund.