German skittles set
German skittles set – $10,000 (£7690) at Bertoia.

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Many of them were of American manufacture, including a large section devoted to mechanical money banks, but pictured here are four of the more popular European examples from the three-day sale which was held from November 9-11.

The buyer’s premium was 20%.

1. French roller-skater

Fernand Martin clockwork roller-skater

Fernand Martin, clockwork roller-skater from c.1912 – $11,000 (£8460) at Bertoia.

This French, Fernand Martin, clockwork roller-skater dates from c.1912 and is in pristine condition with just minor restoration to the cheeks and under the chin.

The 8.5in (21.5cm) high toy sold for a hammer price of $11,000 (£8460) at the Bertoia auction.

2. Tinplate toy carriage

Buchner tinplate carriage

Buchner tinplate carriage from c.1870 – $6500 (£5000) at Bertoia.

This early German tinplate toy carriage made by Buchner c.1870 features a composition driver and passengers and is drawn by two wooden horses.

It is in pristine original condition, with just minor touching up to the red on the handrail and side of the front seat, measures 12in (30cm) in length.

It sold for $6500 (£5000) at the Bertoia auction.

3. German skittles set

German skittles set

German skittles set – $10,000 (£7690) at Bertoia.

This unusual German skittles set made from composition and papier mâché with pull-along dachshund container has repairs to the front legs, holds nine skittle ‘puppies’ of different breeds and colours (two of them replacements).

It measures 21in (53cm) high and realised $10,000 (£7690) at the Bertoia auction.

4. Seasonal offering

German Father Christmas toy

German Father Christmas toy from c.1915 – $8500 (£6540) at Bertoia.

Bertoia’s sale also included a number of seasonal vintage Christmas toys, among them this Father Christmas sporting a red coat, rabbit fur beard and a feather tree riding on a wheeled polar bear equipped with a lever to activate its growl.

The 17in (43cm) high German toy, which is dated to c.1915, realised $8500 (£6540).