At the peak of its power in the 1990s, the best work by the Stoke-on-Trent firm Carlton Ware often topped four figures.

The market has calmed since then, but there is still a solid collecting base both in the UK and the many English-speaking dominions to which Carlton Ware was exported in the inter-war years. The deluxe lustre wares in full-blown Art Deco designs – many by the factory artist Violet Elmer (1907-1988) - remain the factory’s finest achievement and a fine selection is coming up at Woolley & Wallis in its Design sale in Salisbury on October 17.

The Carlton Ware and associated wares by the Crown Devon factory have been consigned from local collector Michael Burningham who started buying Carlton Ware more than 20 years ago.

Here are five Carlton Ware highlights.

1. Jazz

lot 1263 Carlton ware vase 2363.jpg

This 7in (17.5cm) high 'Jazz' design single-handled vase, pattern 3353, is enamelled on a vivid orange lustre ground. It is estimated at £500-1000. This Jazz design was used on the front cover of Essential Art Deco published by the Victoria & Albert Museum in 2003 to accompany an exhibition of the same name.

2. Scimitar

lot 1250 Carlton ware plate 2363.jpg

These 7.25in (18.5cm) high Carlton Ware Scimitar pattern covered vases, pattern 3651, are estimated at £200-300. Both have some repair.

3. Floral Comets

lot 1262 Carlton ware plate 2363.jpg

This 11in (27cm) diameter 'Floral Comets' Carlton Ware plate designed by Violet Elmer, pattern 3387, will be sold together with three 'Rouge Royale' wares with an estimate of £150-200.

4. Eden

lots 1265 Carlton ware Eden 2363.jpg

This Carlton Ware ‘Eden’ pattern single-handled vase, pattern 4241, 7in (18cm) high, has a repair to rim and is estimated at £150-200.

5. Devils Corpse

lot 1266 Carlton ware jar 2363.jpg

This rare Carlton Ware ginger jar and cover in the ‘Devils Copse’ pattern 3767A, was designed by Violet Elmer. Enamelled in colours on a pale blue ground, the 8in (20cm) high jar has a small repair to the cover rim and is estimated at £200-300.