Basil Beattie’s Ladder Series 1 (2017), oil on paper, is offered for £1450 at the Royal Academy’s Art Sales programme.

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A Passage of Time covers more than 30 years of his works on paper including some of his earliest prints, as well as a series of recent oils on paper.

Beattie is known for his abstract paintings which feature architectural motifs such as stairs, ladders and tunnels. In his works he explores themes such as the passage of time and the idea of the journey.

The show is the latest in the RA Art Sales programme. It has included solo and group shows, which are staged at the Keeper’s House off the main exhibition space.

Works are also offered through the RA website with prices ranging from around £700-2300. Proceeds from sales go to the non-profit areas of the RA, including the education programme, library and the RA Schools.