Hansons military expert Adrian Stevenson poses with a selection of British Police Truncheons from the collection of Dr Michael Carter.

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The collection belonged to the late Dr Michael Carter and includes British truncheons dating from William IV through the present day as well as a number of medals. It is estimated to take more than £10,000.

“It really was a haul,” said Hanson, adding that police whistles and handcuffs are also included in the collection.

The earliest pieces come from the truncheon’s earlier days. They were introduced in the early 19th century and served as a policeman’s warrant card as they included the Royal Crest. Many were decorated with their organisations’ coats of arms.

Carter’s collection also included a number of British military and police medals dating back to the 19th century, as well as some Soviet metals.

“We hope buyers enjoy the truncheons for what they are as works of art and don't keep them under their beds!” Hanson added.

The collection comes up for sale at Hansons of Etwall on January 24.