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“A fascinating mix of art and mammon.”

Geoffrey Munn of Wartski comments on the TEFAF during the preview at Maastrict.

"If you cut down your revenue-earning areads to a very small number of markets you are very vulnerable to market trends". 

Hugo Marsh of Special Auction Services and former toy specialist at Christie's South Kensignton was among the members of the trade who responded to news that CSK is to cease sales. 

“At this stage no departments are confirmed as closing and priority is retaining the best and broadest base of expertise.”

Following the announcement that sales will cease at Christie’s South Kensington a spokesperson for the firm sought to emphasise that consultation was ongoing.

“The Chancellor has given a special tax break to pubs. I would hope, therefore that when it comes to busimess rates and corporation tax the government will be equally committed to protecting another vital part of our country’s cultural heritage: the high street art and antiques shop.”

“The Chancellor has ducked the desperate need for reform. Business rates penalise high street retailers while rewarding online traders. The aim must surely be on creating a tax system which is relevant to the modern business environment.”

Rebecca Davies, chief executive of LAPADA, and Marco Forgione, CEO of BADA, on the effect of the Philip Hammond’s Budget on dealers.

“Our antique dealers are passionate about conservation and wildlife.”

Cathy Hunt, chair of the CADA Fair, which this year has a “Menagerie – Animals in Art and Antiques” theme.

“Just as the art trade was improving up there, along comes Brexit. I see it causing immense problems for all of us here.”

Ian Whyte of Whyte’s of Dublin anticipates trouble for his auction house.