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“I have spent most of my career being a dealer, but I have always secretly wanted to be an auctioneer.”

Art historian and dealer Bendor Grosvenor on becoming a non-executive director at Edinburgh auctioneer Lyon & Turnbull.

“No gentleman can be without three copies of a book: one for show, one for use, one for borrowers.”

English bibliophile Richard Heber (1773-1833), once-owner of Bonaccioli’s Enneas mulieribus, which sold for £24,000 at Christie’s in December.

The era of antique art fairs is gradually coming to an end (in London especially), and the future is either through luxury brand fairs or shop fronts.  Shops and galleries are vital to niche dealers who can aid collectors with expertise in their subjects.

Jamie Rountree of Rountree Tryon picks shops over fairs.

“The landlord has already changed the nature of the arcade beyond recognition. We hope the new owner will keep the arcade as Regency as possible. However the damage has already been done.”

The owner of a traditional business in Burlington Arcade lamented past changes as its owners put it up for sale.

“We were excited to discover the vase but were not as surprised with the result as the vendor was.”

Paul Keen, managing director of Plymouth Auction Rooms, on the sale of a Picasso vase uncovered in a Cornish cottage. The vase sold for £2800.