Kvosh stolen
This Russian kvosh or drinking vessel has been stolen from a Lancashire dealer.

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The 19th century silver gilt and cloisonné enamel kovsh was stolen from an antiques fair near Knutsford, Cheshire on February 26 from dealer Richwood Fine Art.

Richwood’s Keith Richards and Ken Hailwood are now appealing for information on the theft.

Richards said: "Out stand was very busy and we couldn't watch everyone all the time."

The kovsh has Russian 84 Zolotniks standard (875 Silver) marks and the master’s initials of possibly Nikolay Strulyev Moskow (1899-1908) on the underside. The enamel is described as being in excellent condition and had been offered for sale at £2450.

Richards added: "We are a niche business and this is a horrible thing to happen to us.  We hope it may turn up as it is unusual. Perhaps it will be shown to another dealer, auction house or put on eBay and someone might spot it if we raise awareness."

The crime reference number is cc17060480.