Manhattan Court
Glafira Rosales appeared at a Manhattan Federal Court in 2013. She has now been ordered to pay $81m to victims of the Knoedler art forgery case. Image from Ken Lund via ShareAlike Flikr.

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The order, filed on July 5 in New York’s Southern District Court, follows Rosales’s sentencing in January to nine months of house arrest.

Rosales supplied Knoedler with dozens of Abstract Expressionist fakes painted by a Queens, New York forger Pei-Shen Quian between 1994 and 2009.

The gallery closed in 2001 with a series of civil lawsuits since settled out of court.

Rosales used her car to transport to the gallery paintings supposedly by artists including Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.

She had first entered a guilty plea to the charges at a Manhattan Federal Court in 2013 and previously served three months in jail.