Finn Juhl furniture
Finn Juhl FJ44 armchair – DKr610,000 (£71,765) at Bruun Rasmussen.

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Topping the bill at the auction on September 27 was his FJ44 armchair made by Niels Vodder in 1944-45 from Cuban mahogany with a leather upholstered seat. A personal favourite of the designer, it realised a hammer price of DKr610,000 (£71,765).  

Juhl’s one-off coffee table with distinctive light blue lacquered palette-shaped top, made to order by Vodder in 1945 and complete with inset hot plate, followed on DKr580,000 (£68,235). It came from the same vendor as the FJ44 chair, both having been acquired directly from Niels Vodder in 1945.

The third highest price of the sale, DKr300,000 (£35,295) was paid for Juhl’s FJ45 design, a pair of armchairs in Brazilian rosewood designed in 1945 and produced by Vodder in 1959.

Commenting on the results, Peter Kjelgaard, head of Bruun Rasmussen’s design and 20th century decorative art department, said: “It's always great when a sale turns out the way you intended, which was certainly the case this evening.

"At the same time, it is completely fair that Finn Juhl ended up grabbing most of the attention since it is rare to see these types of early furniture pieces by the architect on the auction market.”