TEFAF Maastricht fair entrance
The entrance to TEFAF Maastricht, widely regarded as the world’s top art and antiques fair. Photo: Loraine Bodewes.

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TEFAF has appointed eight new art world professionals to its board of trustees, increasing its membership from 12 to 14.

The board has retained its international make-up and adds two female members to the previously all-male board. Among those joining are Ben Brown, owner of international contemporary gallery Ben Brown Fine Art, Jorge Coll of Old Masters dealer Colnaghi and Georg Laue of German dealership Kunstkammer Georg Laue.

Willem van Roijen, chairman of TEFAF, says: “To keep pace with an ever-changing art market, it is essential that the board of trustees is dynamic and forward thinking in its approach to the stewardship of TEFAF, which continues to be an expert guide for the global art community.”

Five trustees have departed, including long-term exhibitor and porcelain specialist Jorge Welsh, Old Master dealer Fabrizio Moretti and Dutch porcelain specialist Robert Aronson. Contemporary specialist and existing trustee Hidde van Seggelen has been given the new title of board and executive committee member.

Old Master dealer Johnny van Haeften, who previously told ATG that he was considering stepping down, has remained on the board.

The full list is below with new members shown in bold.

  • Willem van Roijen Acting President and Chairman Executive Committee
  • Konrad Bernheimer Chairman Pictura, Board and Executive Committee
  • Ben Janssens Chairman Antiquairs, Board and Executive Committee
  • James Roundell Board and Executive Committee Member
  • Hidde van Seggelen Board and Executive Committee Member
  • George Abrams  
  • Ben Brown
  • David Cahn
  • Jorge Coll
  • Nanne Dekking
  • Marina Kellen French
  • Jonathan Green
  • Johnny van Haeften
  • George Laue
  • Heidi McWilliams
  • Ugo Pierucci
  • Wim Pijbes
  • Franck Prazan
  • Christophe van de Weghe

New York advisory board

Nine member have also been added to TEFAF’s New York advisory board.

Appointments to the New York advisory board are Agustin Arteaga, director of the Dallas Museum of Art; Philippe de Montebello, director emeritus of the Metropolitan Museum of Art; independent scholar and curator Layla Diba; Kaywin Feldman, director of the Minneapolis Institute of Art; Alexa Hampton owner of interior designer Mark Hampton; Julia Marciari-Alexander, director of the Walters Art Museum; financier and philanthropist Alejandro Santo Domingo; Salvador Salort-Pons, director of the Detroit Institute of Arts; and businessman and collector Mitchell Wolfson.