Anthony Browne BAMF
British Art Market Federation chairman Anthony Browne. Photo: Chris Giles.

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Anthony Browne, chairman of BAMF, told ATG that it had already raised the issue with government and was now “gathering more detailed data on the subject to feed in to the Home Office”.

“Overseas employment is one of the key Brexit concerns that our members have,” Browne said after ministers confirmed last week that freedom of movement of workers between the EU and the UK would end in March 2019 when the UK is due to exit the union.

“We want to continue to be able to attract the best talent after Brexit, and this is the key message we are putting across,” Browne added.

From March 2019, workers from the EU will have to register during a transitional phase expected to last about two years, until a permanent post-Brexit immigration scheme is put in place.

However, Home Secretary Amber Rudd said policy on hiring from the EU would be evidence-based and take into account economic impact.

Last month BAMF presented figures on the art market's contribution to the UK economy to ministers and MPs, estimating that around 20% of UK art trade is with Europe.