Grand vase aux femme nues – £600,000

Picasso vase Attenborough sale 2269NEDI 23-11-16.jpg

The Sotheby’s sale of the Attenborough collection of Picasso ceramics was led by this large ‘Grand vase aux femme nues’, which was hammered down at £600,000. The price for the 2ft 2in (66.5cm) high vase is a new record for this subject.

Visage plate – £42,000

Picasso visage 2269NEDI 23-11-16.jpg

This glazed ceramic with sand plate entitled ‘Visage’ was made in October 1947 and is unique. It is dated ‘11.10.47.’ and stamped ‘Madoura plein feu’ on the reverse. It sold at £42,000.

Taureau pitcher – £125,000

Picasso bull 2269NEDI 23-11-16.jpg

This ‘Taureau’ or bull pitcher, 1955, is numbered 4/100 and carries the stamps 'Edition Picasso' and 'Madoura'. It sold at £125,000.  It has previously been on display in museums in Leicester and Manchester, on loan from the Attenborough collection.

Tripode vase – £170,000

Picasso Tripode 2269NEDI 23-11-16.jpg

Picasso’s ‘Tripode’, a large vase made in 1951 and numbered 53/75, is glazed and painted. It comes with the ‘Edition Picasso’ and ‘Madoura’ stamps. It sold at £170,000.

Gros oiseau vert – £140,000

Picasso, Vase gros oiseau vert 2269NEDI 23-11-16.jpg

This large vase ‘Gros oiseau vert’ was made in 1960 and is numbered 17/25. Measuring 22.5in (57cm) high, it is marked with the ‘Madoura’ and ‘Edition Picasso’ stamps. It was hammered down at £140,000.

Aztèque aux quatre visages – £110,000

Picasso aztec 2269NEDI 23-11-16.jpg

This Aztec styled vase sold at £110,000. Numbered 6/100, ‘Aztèque aux quatre visages’ has the ‘Edition Picasso’ and ‘Madoura’ stamps and measures 20in (50cm) high.