Philip Mould
London dealer Philip Mould has revealed his “first and most stupid deal”.

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Mould, who has made his name as an Old Master dealer before appearing on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow and his own series Fake Or Fortune?, revealed his loves and regrets in an interview with MailOnline last week.

He admitted he wished he could go back and successfully buy a drawing by Hockney. He had an opportunity to buy a crayon drawing by the Yorkshire artist of two eggs on a plate in 2000 for £12,000 but decided to think about it for a few days. When he returned it had gone.

He also confessed that his first deal involved him selling a signed copy of John Lennon’s album Mind Games for 50p and a Crunchie bar when he was 11.

He said it had been given to him by Julian Lennon. He explained: “Julian and I were friends at school in Liverpool. It was my first and most stupid deal.”

The person that most influenced him was a lady called Xena Robertson who ran an antiques shop near his home on the Wirral. He said: “When I was 11 or 12 she taught me how to read hallmarks on silver. It was like suddenly being able to decipher hieroglyphics.”