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EU: art and antiques sector has post-Brexit wish list

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Leaders of The British Art Market Federation, dealer associations LAPADA and BADA and auction house association SoFAA are also adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach to yesterday’s EU Referendum result.

Yesterday UK voters opted to leave the EU, with 51.9% voting out and 48.1% voting to remain.

The British Art Market Federation, which negotiates with the government on behalf of the art sector, said it was “too early to speculate on what effect, if any, the outcome of the EU Referendum will have on the UK’s art market which is the second largest in the world.

“The UK remains a highly competitive place to buy and sell art and we see no reason why this should change," said Anthony Browne, chairman of BAMF.

Rebecca Davies, chief executive of LAPADA, said she “would not advocate any hasty reaction that we might live to regret” while outlining dealer member post-Brexit priorities as “reducing barriers to business, such as red tape and its associated costs, and taking full advantage of the global market by removing any existing competitive disadvantage”.

'Inclusive and entrepreneurial'

BADA chief executive Marco Forgione said: “Now is the time for cool heads and steady hands. It is imperative that the UK focuses on an expansive, inclusive, open-minded and entrepreneurial stance for the future.”

Speaking on behalf of SoFAA, Jeremy Lamond, director at auctioneer Halls, said: “We will work with any new arrangements constructed in the post-Brexit environment.”

The decision to leave the EU comes as the London season of art and antiques events kicks off in earnest with Art Antiques London in Kensington, with dealers hopeful that sterling's fall in value would encourage overseas sales. 

South African dealer Jeremy Astfalck tweeted: "Now is the time for alternative investments. Roll on the art & antique fairs. What a day."