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1. How long have you been dealing? Twenty years.

2. What was your first job? In a bank, I was a junior clerk cashier with NatWest.

3. Best and worst thing about being a dealer? Best, spreading happiness, you are helping people celebrate a special occasion. Worst, the long hours.

4. Best buy and biggest mistake? Best buy, a pair of gold, enamel and diamond set cufflinks with the cypher of the Maharaja of Patalia and diamond set cricket bat and wickets bought from Bentley & Skinner. Biggest mistake, buying a pair of 'Gallé' vases in New York which turned out to be fake.

5. Dream object? Crown jewels, as they are full of historic and specimen gems.

6. Biggest threat to the trade at the moment? Con artists.

7. Guiltiest pleasure? Silk ties - I have about 600.

8. Any advice for those starting out in the trade? Be smart but humble; remember people buy people first.

9. Alternative career? Actor.

10. Real ale or espresso martini? A Negroni.