14-01-13-2124NE04A gold aureus.jpg
The gold aureus that sold for $130,000 in New York.

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Featured in the January 8, New York Sale XXII they staged with Dmitry Markov and M&M Numismatics Ltd, the gold aureus pictured here depicting Carinus and Numerian from the Mint of Lugdunum was struck in 284AD.

It was struck when Carinus and his brother were co-emperors following the death of their father Carus. Carinus took the western half of the empire while Numerian was in the East. However, their joint rule was short-lived, as Numerian was murdered by his soldiers who preferred to install Diocletian as emperor.

Estimated at $30,000, the hammer fell at $130,000.

There will be more on this sale and the other NY Inc auctions in a future issue.