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The auction house's Asian Art chairman Jonathan Stone explained: "To meet the demands of a strong and sophisticated market, and to serve best our clients' changing needs, we are redefining our sales calendar for Chinese works of art in Europe. The strategy is to have two strong sale seasons in Europe as we do in the Americas and Asia, balanced with online sales, private sales and off-season sales as appropriate."

For the second half of 2014, Christie's will hold a two-day sale of Chinese Ceramics, Works of Art and Textiles on November 4 and 7 at Christie's South Kensington and one sale of Chinese Works of Art, titled Art d'Asie, at Christie's Paris on December 10.

During Asian Art in London, as well as the two day sale on November 4 and 7, Christie's will host exhibitions, highlight previews and events at King Street, "to provide a platform for our vendors and the Chinese works of art community to participate in this week of activity in the Asian Art market".

From 2015 Christie's intend to alternate sales between London and Paris.

"The new calendar will enable clients to focus on only one exceptional sale in Europe in each season. These sales will be supported by one united specialist team across Europe," said Mr Stone. "We will continue to maintain strong regional sales of Chinese works of art at Christie's South Kensington in May and November. There is no change to our sales calendar in New York (March and September) or Hong Kong (May and November)".

For Japanese sales in London, Christie's have already started this autumn with Asobi: Ingenious Creativity, Japanese Works of Art from Antiquity to Contemporary on October 15.

There will also be a sale on December 19 titled At the Candle: Japanese Art at the Court of King James I.