It looks too good to eat, doesn’t it? This is Sotheby’s Surrealist Tea, concocted by the Sotheby’s Cafe as a cheeky marketing gimmick (albeit a tasty one) to promote their Surrealist Art evening sale on February 5 at New Bond Street.

The Surrealist Tea menu, currently available at the Sotheby’s Cafe.

The themed menu with a Dalí-esque melting clock atop an Earl Grey cup cake, a tube of beetroot paint to decorate your own pistachio and cheddar biscuit, marshmallow clouds and, of course, a Magritte-inspired "This is not a biscuit" biscuit.

For those who haven't yet sampled it, the menu is only available until February 5.

What next for the sale-themed meal concept, you wonder? They missed a trick with the Damien Hirst sale though... spot macaroons, shark mayo sandwiches and, err, formaldehyde tea anyone?