Consigned to Special Auction Services on the back of the £76,000 Märklin ‘first series’ tinplate toy HMS Terrible they sold from the Ron McCrindell collection in April 2012, this Märklin tinplate battleship Sachsen will be offered in Greenham, near Newbury, on January 31.

Loosely modelled on one of the 'Siegfried' class of the Imperial German Navy, it is believed to have been owned originally by Lord Adolf Frederik Willem Lodewijk Jacob van Pallandt, who died aged 11 in 1911.

His sister then inherited it, before gifting the model to the vendor's father in 1970. The auction house believe the inscription to the base which reads RE/g and 46/06 represents the cipher of the Queen of Holland at the time and the week and year the boat was built - 46 of 1906.

Estimate £30,000-50,000.

Contact: 01635 580595.