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The stands

265 exhibitors from 19 countries

29 vetting committees, made up of 175 experts

Over 30,000 objects exhibited worth over €3bn


The visitors

72,000 visitors in total

10,413 VIP guests on the opening day

44% from outside the Netherlands

85% who describe themselves as private buyers

Over 21% first-time visitors

Over 34% stayed at least one night in or near Maastricht

Curators from 238 museums across 21 countries

360 extra flights at Aachen-Maastricht airport during the course of the fair, with 160 private jets by Friday evening - their busiest period of the year


Collecting interests of visitors

Old Master paintings (30%)

Antiques (36%)

Modern and contemporary (34%).


The set-up

30,000 cups of coffee and 250kg of sugar consumed by the stand builders

220 people worked for 23 days, of which 11 days were around the clock

On the Monday before the fair opened, 20 people worked throughout the night to lay 15,000m of carpet in the aisles

800m of padded panelling decked the entrance hall


Food and drink

Consumed during the private view:

1800 bottles of champagne

150,000 canapés


Consumed over the whole fair:

15,000 glasses of champagne

31,000 glasses of wine

75,000 cups of coffee

50,000 sandwiches

10,000 pastries

11,000 oysters

All prepared by 515 cooks and served by 2300 waiters


The flowers

33,000 Avalanche roses used for the entrance display

40,500 multicoloured long-stalked French tulips and 4500 branches of magnolia or cherry blossoms decorated the corridors, squares and cafés

24,000 multi-coloured short-stemmed Dutch tulips used for the arrangements in the Place de La Concorde