The 14th century alabaster plaque stolen in London and now recovered.

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Last week (ATG No 2045) we reported the theft of the 14th century carving of St Hubert from the Crypt Museum of All Hallows by the Tower.

But after seeing our article, Camden Passage dealer Christopher Tapsell called us to say he had, in fact, bought it from a man who came into his shop, and he has now alerted the police.

Mr Tapsell sent it down to Clifford Lansberry of Gorringes in Lewes for a check. Mr Lansberry said: "He brought it in and was concerned it might have been stolen. We ran it through the Art Loss Register but I don't think it had made their books, as it was so freshly stolen, but I read your story and the description and thought, yes, that's the one.

"It is a stunning piece. It is fantastic it has been discovered so quickly. What is interesting is that often when these things go missing it is said to be stolen to order but, given the amount paid, as I understand, it was probably an opportunist."

Mr Tapsell added: "It is an amazing piece. I had a feeling for it, just holding it. It is lovely. But it needs to go back and I am happy to forfeit it."