Mystery surrounds the future of Prospect Auction Rooms in Hampshire, which seems to have shut.

An auction on November 10 was cancelled and a report in the local paper, the Hampshire Chronicle, says the premises in Prospect Road, Alresford, appear to be closed.

The company's website at was still working at the time ATG went to press and stated that the next sale would be on November 24. But whenATGtried both phone numbers listed on that website there was no answer.

One comment left on the local newspaper's website on Saturday, November 24, said: "Most of the contents of my flat; jewellery, personal and family pieces, were collected on March 31 and I have not seen any return despite frequent telephone calls to them for updates on sales progress, so what happens now?"

Another from the same day added: "I have items locked in the warehouse and am owed money by them. Nobody there, nobody answering the phone, what to do?"

ATG received a call from a concerned consignor last week who could not find out what happened to items she had consigned to Prospect in October.

We asked Hampshire County Council trading standards if they had received any inquiries regarding Prospect, but they refused to give any details.

Anyone with concerns can try calling the Citizen's Advice consumer service on 08454 040506.