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It has been brought to our attention following publication of that article that both the content and the headline were misleading, because the so-called Amor trio, consisting of The Right Honourable David Mellor, Christopher Jemmett and Mark Law, have not been defeated and have been granted permission to appeal the decision we reported on.

The outcome of the judgment that we reported on was that the case of the Amor trio alleging fraudulent misrepresentation against John Partridge continues to go forward. The judgment we reported on had the effect of removing Frank Partridge as a Defendant in the proceedings for fraud, but ATG were not aware that, at the time we ran the article on 20 October, the Amor Trio had made an application for permission to appeal both Frank's removal from the proceedings and also to appeal certain findings in the judgment that may otherwise have had the effect of limiting their damages claim. In fact, we now understand, the Amor Trio appealed the judgment we reported on 28 different counts of appeal and were granted permission to appeal on all 28 grounds on 24 October 2012.

The effect of the judgment we reported on was to reduce the magnitude of the claim against the Partridges, but permission has now been granted to appeal those reductions. The appeal hearing is expected to be heard in April 2013.

We apologise if our earlier report was in any way misleading. The Amor trio's claim has not been "defeated", as we reported.