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Westminster City Council, London Underground and Crossrail Ltd have answered questions about the works at Bond Street tube station, but the answers were, at best, vague.

The one firm date announced was that mobilisation at the South Molton Lane grout shaft, immediately outside Grays' front entrance, will be on September 26, with work due to start the following week.

Even so, the contractor is still in discussions with the council over the exact date that demolition of the Hog in the Pound pub (yards from Grays' front entrance) will commence. Proposals will be discussed in the next few weeks and the work will not begin until approved by the council.

Meanwhile information has been distributed to the local community, although exact details of hoarding arrangements, signage and pedestrian and traffic management, as relates to Grays, has yet to be published.

One development that has complicated matters is that Grays' front basement has been found to extend further forward than previously thought towards the planned grout shaft.

Crossrail say the grout shaft hoarding cannot be moved, as the worksite has already been shrunk to a minimum, but the exact location of the grout shaft within it may be moved slightly depending on what obstructions are identified in the ground. How this issue will affect Grays remains unclear.

Further consultation

Crossrail's contractor Costain Skanksa is about to begin main construction works for the eastern and western ticket halls for the new Crossrail Bond Street station.

Any firms seeking information on how works may affect them can attend Crossrail's 'drop in' event at 75 Davies Street, London (second floor) on August 18 from 3 to 7pm.

Representatives from Crossrail, London Underground and Costain Skanska will attend to answer questions. Anyone with questions who is unable to attend can contact 0345 602 3813 or email helpdesk@crossrail.co.uk.

By Anna Brady