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The website www.antiquesaregreen.org was established in September last year, and now has more than 300 businesses and associations as registered members, including the majority of larger organisations within the trade. Many now display the chosen logo and have reciprocal links to the website. Some now include a few lines on their own websites about the campaign. Some have chosen to use the logo on promotional material, stationery and advertising.

This is having the desired effect; already the wider media have picked up on the green credentials of antiques.

A few weeks ago a preview in The Times on Mark Hill's and Kathryn Rayward's new BBC programme Cracking Antiques referred to antiques as "the decorator's environmental choice". Kathryn says: "Buying antiques is recycling at its most glamorous. Purchasing second-hand goods means we're not cutting down trees and damaging the planet."

In a Radio Two interview, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen referred to antiques as the "ultimate in recycling".

Antiques are Green.org are also helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint. There is now an Antiques are Green electricity supply. It comes via Ecotricity and is generated by wind power. Any business or consumer can have electricity supplied from this green source; all you need to do is visit the Antiques are Green website.

When joining don't forget to mention Antiques are Green, as Ecotricity donate £25 per new customer to the campaign.

There is also a range of promotional and packaging material on the way which includes biodegradable bubble wrap and carrier bags, as well as strong natural jute bags for life which can be personalised with your own company logo. To get a free sample visit the Antiques are Green website.

To help this campaign move forward, just register your business for free on the Antiques are Green website.