THE famous Amen series of diamond point engraved Jacobite goblets, made c.1745-50, have long been emblems of Scottish nationalism. Yet it is widely assumed that the engraver of many of them was English.

Among the highlights of the international glass conference being held at Edinburgh College of Art on October 1-4 will be the findings of research promising to reveal precisely who engraved these iconic drinking glasses.

The lecture on October 2, titled Jacobite Rebellion and Scottish Glass, will be given by Geoffrey Seddon (author of The Jacobites and Their Drinking Glasses), with the Australian researcher who made the discovery in the audience.

The conference is the final event in a programme to mark the 400th anniversary of Scottish glass making. It was in 1610 when James I granted the first monopoly for glassmaking North of the Border to Sir George Hay (later the Earl of Kinnoull), who aided his endeavour by poaching Venetian makers from London.

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