The pair of 19th century Coalport vases stolen from The Curio Centre in Shropshire.

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Well dressed and well mannered, it is believed they may target other antiques shops around the country.

The two people - a man and woman in their mid-20s - entered The Curio Centre in Shropshire last month and looked around for 30 minutes showing some knowledge of antiques.

Saying they were looking for a gift for an aunt, one of them distracted staff at the centre by asking to look at an item in a diamond cabinet, while the other took the vases which are worth around £250.

They were caught on the centre's CCTV cameras and drove off in a brand new blue Ford Focus.

Anyone with information should contact the police on 0300 3333 000, quoting the crime reference number 0212N290709.

Two weeks earlier, The Curio Centre was targeted by the same man who used a stolen chequebook to buy antiques from at least two shops in nearby Ludlow.

Reported by ATG last week, the man was also well dressed and gave a Hagley address when trying to purchase jewellery using a Barclays business account cheque book (Birmingham, Frederick St Branch) in the name of Premier Floor Fit Ltd.

Fortunately, The Curio Centre did not accept the payment as he failed to provide a cheque guarantee card. The police crime reference number for this incident is 22FD-56473H-09.